Kiarostami´s workshop in Murcia

IBAFF is offering a workshop with the award winning Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami for ten days as part of the International Film Festival.

With the aim of broadening knowledge about the direction of and communication with actors, the IBAFF Festival has organised the course entitled: “Kiarostami: a look at cinema” which will be given by the filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami from Monday 28th February until 9th March, in Murcia.

During this masterly course aimed at directors, script writers, actors and generally anyone who might be interested in cinema, Kiarostami will present his way of working as a director of actors, with selected examples. He will set out his experience with a variety of non-professional characters, film stars, etc., as well as going over all the areas of his direction work such as casting or space localization, among others.

Who is the course intended for?

For Cinema or Communication Science students, script writers, directors, actors, film and TV professionals, and generally anyone who is interested in the films made by this Iranian director.

More Information:
Tel: 968274110 – Fax: 968280316
Centro Puertas de Castilla
Avd. Miguel de Cervantes, 1, 30009 Murcia

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