Tarde de cine iraní, ciclo de Abbas Kiarostami,¨Ten¨

Subtitulada en castellano, aforo limitado

AÑO 2002

DURACIÓN 91 min.

DIRECTOR Abbas Kiarostami

GUIÓN Abbas Kiarostami

FOTOGRAFÍA Abbas Kiarostami

REPARTO Mania Akbari, Amin Maher, Kamran Adl, Roya Arabshahi, Amene Moradi, Mandana Sharbaf, Katayoun Taleizadeh

PRODUCTOR Coproducción Irán-USA-Francia; Abbas Kiarostami Productions / Key Lime Productions / MK2 Productions / Zeitgeist Films

PREMIOS 2002: Festival de Cannes: Nominada a la Palma de Oro (mejor película)


SINOPSIS Narra 10 breves historias, presentadas como una cuenta atrás de los encuentros de una mujer divorciada que se desplaza en coche por Teherán.


The film “Ten” made by the Master Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami will be screened in the Persépolis Cultural Center in Madrid on february 15th, at 20:30.  


The event will take place within a series of Kiarostami´s films screenings program hosted by this Center. The film will be screened in original version with Spanish Subtitles.

It is an open event and anyone is welcome to attend. Please arrive early as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to the Center capacity. Admission is not guaranteed.

SYNOPSIS A modern Iranian woman drives a series of friends, relations and strangers throughthe streets of Tehran. Ten  front-seat conversations trace only the outlines of her story: the filmmaker is content instead simply to observe the details of interactions between the woman and her passengers. Kiarostami: “It’s from this point that the viewer’s duty to complete a work or a film begins. The viewer must be enticed into reflection on himself and the surrounding world. By simply showing the reality, one can make people think about their own and other people’s acts or behaviour. In this kind of cinema, the most important subject matter is human beings and their souls.”

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