“Shahram Nazeri & Hossein Alizadeh” on European Tour 2011


More information: Click here 

  1. Cengiz İrten

    We wish to listen them in istanbul too

    1. Autor

      We will inform you whenever they are going to have a concert in Istanbul.
      Best regards
      Cultural center Persepolis

  2. patrick

    Sabéis dónde se pueden comprar las entradas?
    No sé si lo organizáis vosotros.
    Me gustaría hablar con Siamak Jahangiri. Sabéis si habrá algún taller de ney?

    Un saludo desde Barcelona.

    1. Autor

      Se puede adquirir las entradas a través de nuestro website.
      Para las 3 priemras filas hay que llamar a 913600202.

  3. May

    Could you please tell me where in Madrid the concert will be?

    1. Autor

      In the Teatro Infanta Isabel, Calle Barquillo 24.
      tel: +34 913600202

  4. dilan

    When are they coming to Norway? And how can we buy tickets for the event?

    Thank you

    1. Autor

      The concert in Olso is canceled

  5. Rudi

    Olá amigos,
    for me, the concert in Frankfurt would be ideal. Where can I get tickets? Couldn’t find any hint in the web.
    Muchas gracias

    1. Autor

      Hi Rudi. Now you can find the information for Frankfurt´s concert in this page. Click in More information and there you can see all details of Shahram Nazeri´s European Tour 2011 with concerts Schedule and related links. Please inform also your interested friends of this page. As people say, this is the most complete page about this Tour in the Net.
      Thank you.
      Persepolis Cultural Center

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