Tarde de Cine Iraní, “El Color del Paraíso”, Obra de Majid Majidi

Versión original, subtitulada en castellano El color del paraiso de Majid Majidi


AÑO 1999

DURACIÓN 88 min.

DIRECTOR Majid Majidi

GUIÓN Majid Majidi

MÚSICA Alireza Kohandairy

FOTOGRAFÍA  Mohammad Davoodi

REPARTO Hossein Mahjoub, Salime Feizi, Mohsen Ramezani, Farahnaz Safari, Elham Sharifi, Behzad Rafi

PRODUCTORA Varahonar Company

PREMIOS 2002: Festival de Cannes: Nominada a la Palma de Oro (mejor película)


SINOPSIS Mohammad es un niño ciego iraní de ocho años. Tras acabar su curso escolar en Teherán, regresa al pueblo con su padre para reencontrarse con su abuela y sus dos hermanas.

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el color del paraiso f1 el color del paraiso f2 el color del paraiso f3

“The Color of Paradise” an Iranian film made by Majid Majidi will be screened in the Persépolis Cultural Center in Madrid on October 25th, at 20:30.  

Original version with Spanish Subtitles.

It is an open event and anyone is welcome to attend. Please arrive early as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to the Center capacity. Admission is not guaranteed.

Summary: The story of an active 8 year-old blind boy who shows how he senses the world without sight. The film also follows the progress of the father-son relationship after the death of the mother.

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